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Why Ipsum? - Ipsum Diagnostics


Ipsum Diagnostics

Ipsum Diagnostics is a privately owned, independent, state of the art lab specializing in real-time PCR pathogen diagnosis and dermatopathology. We offer highly customizable and clear and easy-to-read reports available via EMR integration, portal access, fax as well as our mobile/tablet app. We are uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality standards while delivering rapid results.

Our experienced technical team, accredited with CLIA High-Complexity Laboratory standards, include director Henry Skelton, MD, board-certified in anatomical and clinical pathology and dermatopathology; Maggie Hopkins, MD MBA FASCP, board-certified in clinical pathology and experienced in molecular pathology and microbiology; and Lucy Feingold PhD, board-certified in molecular biology. With a combined near century of experience our team has the know-how to ensure the highest quality of testing and results.

Real-time PCR testing
Comprehensive testing on a single-swab identifies both bacterial and fungal species in relative quantities and antibiotic-resistance markers if present. The single swab is not only more convenient but is less invasive and costly than tissue biopsy culture. Accurate results in 24 hours ensure better and more cost-effective care.

Ipsum is a full service dermatopathology lab with board-certified dermatopathologists with decades of experience. Our services include direct (DIF) and indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) that are correlated with H&E findings for better diagnosis. We can provide results typically within 1-2 days.