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Lauren Spanjer - Ipsum Diagnostics

Lauren Spanjer

COO and Co-Founder

Lauren Spanjer brings her passion for improving the accuracy of patient care to Ipsum Diagnostics.

Prior to Ipsum, Lauren worked for the Biological Defense Research Directorate at the Navy Medical Research Center, where she was awarded the Civilian of the Quarter award for her work on biowarfare assay development.

Lauren gained an expertise in laboratory reguatory requirements while working at Thermo Fisher in medical, research, and forensic laboratories. She worked closely with experts, from technicians to lab directors, to ensure the successful implementation of instruments, assays, LIMS and inspection preparations.

Immediately prior to Ipsum, Lauren worked at eLab, tailoring lab setups to client needs. She was intimately involved in setting up numerous labs across the United States, from technical requirements to staffing, validation, and SOP development, with one lab earning the Laboratory of the Year award from COLA.

Lauren holds a Bachelor’s in biology and an MBA from the University of Maryland. In her free time, she has dance parties with her husband and two children.