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Biopsy Packing and Shipping - Ipsum Diagnostics

Specimen Packaging & Shipping Instructions Biopsy Sample

Specimen Shipping Supplies: Biopsy Kit (with 3mm punch biopsy) Specimen Tube with Zamboni’s Fixative Tube Label Requisition Form

Specimen Collection Supplies: Freezer Pack (must be frozen) Kangaroo Mailer UPS Laboratory Pak Shipping Label Saturday Delivery Label

Packaging and Shipping Instructions: 1. Complete requisition form and place in outside pocket of biohazard bag 2. Perform 3mm punch biopsy. 3. Remove cap from collection tube. 4. Using tweezers, place tissue in the tube containing zamboni’s fixative. Make sure to fully submerge the specimen in the fixative. Note: tubes containing zamboni’s fixative can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated until specimen is collected. 5. Tightly replace cap on tube. 6. Write patient name, DOB, and biopsy site on the label. 7. Place label on the collection tube. 8. Put specimen tube in biohazard bag. 9. Immediately place biohazard bag with specimen and requisition form in the refrigerator or in Kangaroo Mailer Pouch with frozen freezer pack for immediate shipping.** 10.Seal the mailer pouch. Using a pen or scissors, puncture the mailer where indicated. 11.Place the sealed mailer into the provided UPS Laboratory Pak, and place the shipping label on the Lab Pak. If sample will be delivered on a Saturday, affix the Saturday Delivery sticker to the Lab Pak as well. **Once specimen is in zamboni’s fixative, it must immediately put in the refrigerator or in an insulated mailer on ice. Overnight shipping is required to keep the specimen viable for testing.

Please schedule a UPS pickup with your representative prior to, or as early as possible the day of specimen collection. Friday shipments must be arranged directly with Ipsum Diagnostics as these require a special “Saturday Delivery” label.