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Elizabeth Brunelli - Ipsum Diagnostics

Elizabeth Brunelli

Executive Director, Quality Assurance 

Elizabeth Brunelli brings over thirty years of industry experience, with over 20 years in regulatory compliance leadership roles. She has developed and strengthened laboratory compliance protocols for full-scale reference laboratories specializing in Clinical Chemistry, Clinical and Forensic Toxicology/Drug Testing, Molecular Diagnostics and Pathology. Ms. Brunelli has participated in CAP and SAMHSA inspections with more than ten years’ experience as a trained consultant for the National Laboratory Certification Program. Her passion for excellence in laboratory science speaks for itself; she was selected as a “Core Inspector” for the National Laboratory Certification Program where she was tasked to perform 8-12 inspections per year. She has sought and inspired integrity, quality, and compliance throughout her career. Her meticulous over-site and knowledge are valuable to implementing quality validation, testing, safety and testing protocols at Ipsum Diagnostics.