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Why Ipsum? - Ipsum Diagnostics


Why Ipsum?

lpsum Diagnostics is a leader in Directed Personalized Wound Care and Onchomycosis Molecular Medicine.

Qualitative AND Quantitative Results: Comprehensive testing identifies both bacteria and fungi species in relative quantities with antibiotic resistance markers if present. Accurate results help determine the right plan and avoid costly and ineffective treatments.

Rapid Turn-around Time Results provided as quickly as the same day sample received, in a straightforward and informative report including evidence-based treatment options, available immediately to physicians by online portal or fax. Get the answers you need to inform best practice in a timely manner.

Our Experienced Technical Team accredited with CLIA High-Complexity Laboratory standards include Director Henry Skelton, MD board certified in anatomical and clinical pathology and dermatopathology; Maggie Hopkins, MD MBA FASCP, board certified in clinical pathology and experienced in molecular pathology and microbiology; and Lucy Feingold Ph.D., board certified in molecular biology. With a combined 70-plus years' experience, our team has the know-how to ensure the highest quality of testing.